Pastors Cora Jakes and Sarah Jakes Roberts Discuss ‘Can Women Really Have It All?’

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Can women really have it all? That’s the question we often ask ourselves, but this month we’re challenging ourselves to define what “having it all” really means. During Part I of our fall vlog series, we sit down for a candid conversation with Pastors Cora Jakes Coleman and Sarah Jakes Roberts to unpack our desire to have it all and get their life-lived insights on how to be content in every stage of our lives.

What does having it all look like for you in this season? Pastor Sarah eloquently explains:

“‘All’ changes as the stages of your life change, your needs develop, and your gifts and talents emerge. Having it all shifts and changes, and I think that if we are not careful, we will be guilty of wanting someone else’s ‘all’ because we didn’t take time to consider what our ‘all’ is.

Pastors Cora Jakes Coleman and Sarah Jakes Roberts Discuss ‘Can Woman Really Have It All?’

“When I think about having it all for me, right now, I think about really showing up in my life with confidence, that everything in my life is working to produce the best version of myself.”

Sis, we love that!

Focusing on yourself and living a fulfilled life on your terms keeps you from falling into the trap of comparison. Pastor Cora gives us a nugget of wisdom that shows us why contentment is key:

“When I wrote ‘Faithing It,’ I wrote about how I struggled with comparing my life with other women who were pregnant, [while] I wasn’t. One of the things God told me during that time was, ‘If you’re going to take their promise, you have to take their process.’ That helped me to stop comparing because I realized that I didn’t want their full story; I wanted the Instagram post.”

Ladies, don’t sit this one out! Tune in to the full discussion and be sure to secure your registration now for the 2022 Woman, Thou Art Loosed! Homecoming in Atlanta, Georgia, at

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